Recycled products

CRS is your CPE electronics recycling, kitting and fulfillment provider. Offering EPA compliant recycling services nationwide.

EPA Certified
R2 Certified

CPE Component Recycling

Separate, clean, screen, test, and repackage

EPA-compliant electronic recycling

Lithium Ion battery testing, recycling and disposal

Kitting Services

Multiple product consolidation and repackaging of products for consumer use

Sorting, packaging, and relabeling

Fulfillment Programs

Order processing and logistics management

Timely execution of small and large volume shipments

Direct to home fulfillments


  • CPE Component Recycling
  • Kitting Services
  • Fulfillment Programs


  • Efficient Logistics
  • Nationwide
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Pick Up
  • Servicing / Kitting
  • Delivery